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01/01/02-- Today I just did general work on the site: main, link me, screens, updates. Still trying to get this finished; no time for sprucing stuff up or anything!

01/03/02-- Still working on everything... Why is my computer sooo slow? This could take awhile.

01/06/02-- Today I added two wallpapers to the media section and I added a link to the links section. I also added the fanfiction section and made a page for that, dialogue, and miscellaneous, though nothing is on those pages yet.

01/12/02-- Wow. In the last few days I have: added a link to the link page, completely redone my main page, added two fanfics to the new fanfiction section, added quotes to teh dialogue/quotes section, and added a wallpaper to the media section. ^_^`

01/27/02-- I have had so much homework lately, so I haven't been able to edit the site much. I did, however, have time to correct a spelling error on the main page ^_^ and I added the little blurb at the bottom of the main page that explains about the "feedback" button. Later!

01/31/02-- Yes! I've finally had some time to work on the site! Today, I made a site logo-- Yay!--, made a new site icon that more accurately depicts the content of this site and is a better size, and fixed my font problems on my main page. Yesterday, I wrote a villain comparison for the miscellaneous section. I'll get it up tomorrow I promise!

02/01/02-- Wow have I had lots of time to work on this site lately. Today I did lots and lots of stuff. Not only did I fix a tiny bug on the Link Me page, where my link icon didn't come up, but I posted my miscellaneous page (finally!), added a Site FAQS page, and even put background music on every page! Oh yeah, and I added three midis to my media page. Hooray! More updates ahead!

02/02/02-- Okay today I did quite a few things. I added about a million links to my links section and I added my pride and joys to my linkme section! Two animated link things!!! Hooray!!! I'll be back tomorrow!!!


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