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Kuja Quotes!

"I find this rain quite pleasant..."

"It feels as though the raindrops are blessing our victory..."

"The canary I've been after... She flew into my cage of her own free will."

"Fly home to your mother, my little canary."

"I, too, will welcome you home with open arms."

"My sweet angel, come to me."

"She is beautiful, even in sleep"

"Mwahaha... The tree is so beautiful! Its beauty becomes the great mother tree that lives among the stars!"

"Silver Dragon, let us watch the drama unfold from the trunk of Iifa."

"Ahh... The suspense is terrible!"

"Begin with broth of Mist, add fermented souls, and boil... Then, pour genuine black magic into a mixing bowl and heat to--"

"I'm not done telling how to make soulless toys out of the dregs of souls!"

"Lives come and go all the time. What's the big deal?"

"It breaks my heart to see such greed!"

"Perfect, my canary."

"First Act: The End of the Ugly Desire."

"You're just the opening number. Time for the real show."

"Come forth, spawn of the Mist!"

"Stupid elephant-lady!"

"The weak lose their freedom to the strong. Such is the way of the strong."

"Blood... Hahahaha... Excellent, Bahamut! Power, mobility... You are truly the best! You even hurt me...a little."

quotes from Kuja

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