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Well, here they are: The faqs of my site. Not that anyone ever asks any questions frequently, I just thought people might like to know some stuff.

1. How did you make this site?

That's an easy one! I wrote this site by hand in HTML using Tripod's freeformeditor. I learned the very basic stuff from a tutorial on and I learned the other stuff at HTMLGoodies, which is really awesome. If you want reeeeaally specific cool HTML stuff, Funky Chickens is also really great!

2. Can I use the stuff you've got here?

Well, the thing is, I don't mind if anyone uses my stuff as long as they credit my site and put a link to my site on their site. That's what I did here on this site, as you can see. Feel free to take my stuff, though, if you're willing to credit me! The only thing is, though, that the fanfics and fanarts are property of their creator, so contact them if you want their stuff.

3. How can I contact you?

If there really were questions asked about this site, I'm sure this would be one of the most frequently asked. See, my parents won't let me give out my e-mail address, so I have had to find other ways to communicate with people about this website or, rather, for them to communicate with me. On every page in this site, theres a button on the sidebar <---- that says "feedback." When you click on this, you will get a form and you can tell me stuff, preferably about this site. It's just like e-mail, but I keep my address private!

4. Where'd you get the stuff you didn't make yourself?

Everything I didn't make myself (except for a few things that I can't remember the source of) has a link on the same page to the site where I got it.


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